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Company Name FindMyCollege Pvt. Ltd
Est. Year 2022
Type Partnership
Industry Educational
Headquarter Noida
Official website findmycollegeonline.com


Our mission is to offer the students unparalleled academic excellence and clear all doubts of students regarding studying Abroad through free counseling services and assist the right course for the right candidate by analyzing their educational qualifications and skills. We want to develop social awareness and responsibility among the students and encourage the students to achieve their future goals. We want to create a work environment that motivates and recognizes achievements at all levels and promotes higher and specialized education across all the cities of the world. Also, provide support to encourage a multicultural learning environment.


Our vision is to create awareness and serve our motherland by offering to fulfill the dreams of students who dream to study abroad. We want to help Indian students with the opportunities which are available abroad in Technical Specialties and in MBBS, MD abroad and want to provide hassle-free and exhaustive overseas admission assistance by making everything simple and easy from the selection of the University to visa processing. Our vision is to provide support and encourage a multicultural learning environment in our Indian Students. We want that if the students dream about studying abroad then we makes sure that dream will be achieved by our efforts and dedication in a transparent way.

As an Indian Fastest Growing Education Portal, FindMyCollege Pvt. Ltd. is your one-stop for all of your International Study Requirements. We provide all of the potential services, a student will need on their journey to study abroad under a single roof. FMC specialized in Counseling, Guidance, and Confirmation in Top Universities around the globe. We create a bridge between universities and pupils with a single click on our web portal to get your dreams to come true in abroad studies. Without any hidden charges and with full transparency, Find My College helps pupils get admission to foreign universities at affordable expenses and always ensures their security and needs on foreign land during their whole course duration. We help you in FINDING YOUR DREAMS.

Key Importance
Customer-centric : At Find My College, on the web, we have been enthusiastic about student interest, unconditionally. We're initial and clear. But never ever harsh. We consider removing friction-in conversations, technologies, and encounters.
Meaningful : At Find My College, using the internet, we realize our duty in shaping self-confident, impactful cosmopolitans in the near future. We feel we perform a little but considerable role and then we achieve this utilizing the greatest guidelines and ethics. We don’t boast or gloat.
Modern : We are committed, positive, and worldwide. Our company is right here to test the condition quo. We utilize agility to preempt the requirements of the students & parents. We have been continuous students, eager to understand considerably.
Cooperatively : Our company is inclusive. We, exactly like our very own college students, tend to be cosmopolitans.
Our Goal
To remove all of the concerns and myths of pupils about international training through the cost-free guidance service.
To deliver up-to-date information and program information on abroad universities.
To let the pupils in getting visas successfully by giving effective and easy solutions.
To endorse the correct program when it comes to correct prospects after examining their unique abilities, educational and economic background.
Knowingly we will never give deceptive assistance and guidance topupils.

How We Work